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Building an email list is essential for effective communication, personalized marketing, cost savings, and business growth.

Whether you're an affiliate marketer, run an e-commerce store, or operate a local business, investing in your email list will pay off in the long run!


Introduction to list building

Since the advent of the internet and the introduction of email addresses, savvy marketers have used email as a tool. Today, we can’t imagine a world where we don’t find out about a special offer or a helpful tip without email. 

We’re pretty sure you check your email inbox multiple times a day and it’s a pretty good bet that you’ve bought something as the result of an email you received in the last month. 

Sure, social media does a similar job, but at the end of the day, it will never replace your subscriber list. Your subscribers are in a different frame of mind when they are looking through their emails than they are when strolling through social media feeds. That’s not to say that social media marketing doesn’t have a place in your overall strategy. It does, but don’t discount list building and email marketing. 

One of the many reasons we love having an engaged group of email subscribers is that those lists are assets for our business. With social media, you never know when your account gets shut down, or access to those followers you worked so hard to build is taken away, or when a particular platform decides to no longer show your content to those followers. Your list is yours and it gives you the opportunity to show up in your subscriber’s inbox at the push of a button.

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The fundamentals of list Building for online entrepreneurs