Let's Write & Self-Publish a Book

in only 8 weeks...

Share your expertise & insights with an expanded audience while boosting your credibility and authority in your niche.

Listen to Susanne as she shares the hows & whys of writing & self-publishing a book.

Have you ever dreamed of writing & publishing your own book?

Do you have a story to tell, a message to share, or a passion to express? If so, you are not alone. Millions of people have the same desire, but they don't know how to get started or they think it will take too long.

We're here help you write and publish your book in just 8 weeks.  We've been self-publishing nonfiction and fiction books since 2012.  

Susanne is getting ready to write and publish a series of books for Smart Pig Marketing  and we invite you to walk you through the process, looking over her shoulder while you write and publish your own book alongside us.

You may or may not know that Susanne writes sweet, cozy romance novels and sells them on Amazon under the pen name of Susanne Ash.  You can see her Author Page at https://amzn.to/48r1Gd3

We break down the process for the writing and publishing tasks into manageable steps. You don't have to worry about the technical details, the formatting, the editing, or the marketing.

We'll guide you through every step of the way, from brainstorming your idea to holding your book in your hands.

All you need is a commitment to do the work, a willingness to learn, and a desire to share your voice with the world. You don't need any previous writing experience, any special skills, or any expensive tools. You just need a computer, an internet connection, and a positive attitude.

What You’ll Learn in This 8 Week Course

Week 1: Concept, Blurb, Outline & Cover Graphic 

During the first week, we each decide on a topic for our book. From there, we’ll work on crafting a blurb and a detailed outline that will make writing the book faster and easier. Then it’s time to order a cover graphic and get everything into place to write the book over the coming weeks. 

We’ll discuss optional help of using AI in choosing a topic, coming up with the concept, writing the blurb and creating a detailed outline. 

Week 2: Writing And Accountability Plus Taglines

During week two we start writing the book. Most of the time will be spent there. Depending on how fast you are, expect to spend one to three hours per day writing. We’ll do daily check-ins inside our exclusive community, brainstorm ideas, and spend a little time crafting tag lines for our books.

Week 3: Writing And Accountability Plus Lining Up Beta Readers

The third week will also be spent writing. We’ll continue daily check-ins for accountability and we’ll start to reach out to people to read the finished draft of our books. These people are referred to as beta readers and their job is to give us feedback on the book. Does everything make sense? Is there anything crucial missing from the book? Are there sections that could use clarification? We’ll reach out and get these beta readers on board now so they’re ready when we finish writing the book next week.

Week 4: Writing And Accountability Plus Editing Options

This is the week where we’re ideally finishing writing the book. If you need more time, we’ll be here to support you and cheer you on. In addition to writing, we’ll be talking and making a plan to edit the book. We’ll discuss self-editing, our favorite editing tools, our process of going through several rounds of self-edits, and hiring someone to edit for you.

Week 5: Self Editing Plus Setting Up A Preorder

This is the week where we’ll dig into edits. Even if you hire someone, it’s time to reach out to someone and get the edit on the calendar. This is the week where you’ll clean up your manuscript and get it into the best possible shape before you hand it off to another set of eyes. We’ll also discuss choosing categories and keywords for your Amazon listing, refining what you’ve set up during the pre-order.

Week 6: Implementing Edits & Front And Back Matter & Final Formatting & Uploading the Pre-Order to Amazon

This is the week where we finalize the edits. Once you get your final, polished draft, it’s time to do some basic formatting and get the file ready to upload. We’ll talk about implementing the edits you’ve received as well as creating front and back matter for your book. 

Finally we’ll discuss formatting. I have two simple options for you that are push button easy. With the book formatted, it’s time to upload it well ahead of your pre-order deadline.

Week 7: ARC Readers & Marketing Materials

The hard work is over. This week is about getting a few key pieces in place to make the launch next week go off without a hitch. We’ll also discuss ARC readers. What they are, why you might want them, and two different options for handling ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies). 

Since we’re close to launching the book, it’s time to get serious about marketing. We’ll discuss some simple marketing materials and graphics you may want to create. I’ll also share how Tracy and I start to market before the book is out, creating buzz and getting people interested. This will be a pretty low-key launch, nothing fancy and it won’t require a lot of extra work on your part. Instead, we’ll teach you a system you can use again and again.

Week 8: Launch And Celebrate

Last but not least, it’s time to put those marketing materials to work and launch the book. We’ll discuss orders and what to expect. I’ll show you how to track your rank and where to see how many orders you’ve gotten on Amazon. We’ll get in touch with our ARC readers and encourage them to leave reviews. 

This is your time to spread the word about the book, order yourself a couple of copies, and see how your audience receives it. We’ll discuss what we can learn from this launch and how we can implement those lessons into the next book publishing project.

Ready to get started?

  • 8 Week Live Course
  • Weekly Calls on Monday & Thursday each week
  • Daily Accountability Posts 
  • Checklists, Worksheets & Planners
  • Bonus: Writing 2,000 Words Per Day eCOurse


When do we get started?

The course starts on Monday March 4th inside of our Circle Community

You'll need to create a profile using the same email you use at PiggyMakesBank.  Once inside, please take a moment to watch the welcome video because Susanne will be sharing tips to help you prepare for the course.  You’ll also get instant access to the bonus course - Writing 2,000 words per day (accessible inside your member dashboard)

What if I don't have a topic or idea for my book?

Not a problem at all. We’ll be brainstorming this during week one. Susanne only has a very rough idea for a couple of potential projects going into this and will show you her process of deciding on a topic, title, and concept for the book she’ll be writing alongside you during this course.

Do I need keep up in real time. What if I get behind or need to start later?

You’ll have evergreen access to the course. Work through it with us over the course of those eight weeks, or do it on your own time. The lessons and posts will be there for you indefinitely and we will be actively answering questions and offering feedback for the next three months.

Do I get access to all the lessons at once?

No. We'll deliver new sessions each week on Mondays.